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The 20 Franc Gold Coin

One of the biggest collectible coins all around the world is known as the French rooster 20 Franc gold coin.

This is a very valuable coin to own, but it is also an easy coin to find all at the same time.

The reason why it’s such a popular coin among investors is that it’s got a low enough price where the average person can actually afford it so it’s not such an outrageous investment that is way beyond the reach of the average person looking to get into coin collecting or looking to own this coin as an investment opportunity.

If you are wondering, the French rooster 20 Franc gold coin was technically first released in the year 1901 on a massive scale, but there are actually some versions of this coin that first came out in the year 1899.

And they continue to mint these coins from 1901 all the way up to the year 1914.

There is some very historical significance to this coin because it keeps the traditional image of the Gallic rooster on its face.

This is a very important symbol to France and it has been with them literally since the Middle Ages.

But to bring it more up to current context, this was also there symbol during the French Revolution so the Gallic rooster is very important to the country of France for many reasons and it doesn’t surprise me that it graces the cover of the 20 Franc gold coin because it’s so significant.

Another great thing about the 20 Franc gold coin is that the gold content in this coin is actually 90%, and it weighs roughly around .1867oz.

This is also a coin that is considered a collectible in France so there is a rule created that says that this coin could never be confiscated and that it is completely exempt.

So obviously that’s a good thing since you don’t want to have to worry about having your coin confiscated at some point in your life.

Although if you’re buying this in a country other than France then I highly doubt they’d ever be able to track you down anyway but it’s still good to know.

Now the main thing you need to do to begin investing in the French rooster 20 Franc gold coin is you need to give us your contact information so we can send you your free investors kit.
This will help you begin the process of purchasing these coins so you can add them to your collection or start one for the very first time.


3a Looking For Information About The French Franc?

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French Franc

Are you an investor looking to further invest in different types of international gold coins?

There is one particular form of the French Franc known as the French 20 Franc Rooster that is really worth your time and something you definitely want to pay close attention to as a person looking to purchase international gold.

This particular type of French franc was minted between the years 1899 and 1914 and it is actually looked upon as one of the most sought after and popular gold coins all throughout Europe.

All of the people who regularly invest in gold bullion look upon this coin as one of their favorites because you can easily trade them at very small premiums over the true value of the gold.

This is important because it’s an excellent way to secure yourself a nice profit right away and it’s also a good investment as far as security purposes are concerned because it’s made of gold and gold has a tremendous value as opposed to other forms of available currency.

The French Franc known as the French 20 Franc Rooster only actually contains about 1/5 of 1 ounce of gold, or 0.1867.

If you were to buy this gold you have the ability to buy it from two different categories which are AU and BU. AU stands for almost circulated condition and BU stands for brilliant uncirculated condition.

The traditional version of the French gold coin has the feature of a Gallic Rooster, or the French version of the name is called the Coq Gaulois.

So if you haven’t put it together already, the reason why this particular type of French Franc is called the French rooster it’s because of the picture of the Gallic rooster that graces its face.

The reason why this French franc has the picture of a Gallic rooster on the face of the coin is that it’s actually a national symbol of France and it has been a symbol since all the way back to the Middle Ages.

It was actually a popular symbol that the French used during the French Revolution which stood for pugnacity, vigilance and confidence which they used to boost their spirits during this terrible time of war that they were experiencing.

So, if you are looking for an excellent way to invest in gold coins internationally, then I highly recommend you pick up this French franc today and add it to your gold coin collection as soon as possible.

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